Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Tips for Brushing Your Dog

Why is it good to brush your dog?

Brushing your dog with a dog brush removes dead hair from the coat. This is particularly beneficial for long-haired breeds to prevent matting. Brushing also stimulates your pet’s skin as well as helps with moving the natural oils throughout your dog coat.

Without further ado, here are 5 tips for brushing your dog:

1. Make sure to brush your dog to ensure all of the mats are out before bathing. If your dog still has tangles, when its fur gets wet, the fur tends to mat up more. Water even tightens the mat and then you leave room for shampoo getting caught in the mat causing a challenge on rinsing out the shampoo

2. If your dog has very tangled fur, you may wish to dampen the fur and add some conditioner or leave-in conditioner for a few moments before brushing. This may make it easier on you and your pet.

3. Brushing your dog’s hair layer-by-layer will help ensure that you are pulling the least on your dog’s skin.
4. Brushing your dog’s head last will aid in the process. Go for areas that they cannot see first as the head is a sensitive area for most pets. You want to keep your pet comfortable for as long as possible.

5. The final step is to go through your dog’s coat with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that there aren't anymore mats in the coat.
Happy brushing!


  1. What are the best types of brushes/combs to use for Akita's. you made no mention of types of brushes for breeds of dogs.

  2. This is not about brushing your dogs teeth, as the email promoted.

    1. Funny thing my friend, but what I saw was the words
      "5 tips for brushing your DOG." Teeth never entered MY mind.

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