Friday, July 29, 2011

New this Week, 7/29/11

We add new products to our store all the time. But in the last couple of weeks, we added A LOT. In total, we carry over just over 36,000 pet products now!

And we'll be adding more soon.

Last week we added 180 new items to the reptile section of our store from some of the biggest and best brands out there like Zilla, Zoo Med, Fluker's, T-Rex and many more. Here are a couple of examples of the cool  products you'll find the next time you go shopping for your scaly friend:

Zilla Digital Infrared Thermometer
The Zilla Digital Infrared Thermometer can measure temperature in any spot...even on your reptile's skin! Easy point and press action. Large, clear LCD display. Safe and easy way to check for proper temperatue. Maintain proper temperature throughout your reptile's habitat. Test basking spots, caves, even herps themselves for safe and healthy temperatures. LCD display measures both Fahrenheit or Celcius. Accurate (+/- 2.5°F) infrared technology runs on two 1.5V cell batteries and measures temperatures from -27°F to 230°F. Only $30.76.

T-Rex Vivarium Rock Ridge Background
Turn the background of your terrarium into a cool cavern with a lifelike network of shafts. The T-Rex Vivarium Rock Ridge features areas for basking, climbing and tons of activity. Perfect for a wide range of lizards including anoles, swifts, armadillo lizards, wall lizards, geckos and many others. The natural appearance and rugged terrarin will turn your terrarium into something truly special and help your pet be happy and healthy. 10 and 20 gallon sizes available from $15.97.


If reptiles aren't your thing, no worries. We added a ton of new dog items to the site as well (4,206 to be exact!). Check out all the name brand gear we picked up from Kong, Nylabone, Nutri-Vet, Nature's Miracle and many others: dog toys, treats, houses, clothes & apparel, shampoo, beds and more. Here are a couple of examples of our latest additions:

Kong Company Wubba Ballistic Friends
Dog owners love Kong toys. They're fun, colorful and built to last. Man's best friend may be a dog, but a dog's best friend is a Kong Wubba! The Ballistic Friends (seen above) are a cute, friendly foursome you can use for tug-of-war, fetch and other interactive games. They're built from durable nylon and are perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Available in three sizes (S, L & XL). They squeak too and have tassel tails for tossing and shaking fun! From $5.97.

Vo-Toys Doggie Duds Schoolgirl Dress
This comfortable, machine-washable schoolgirl dress from Vo-Toys is sure to impress the male doggies! Choose navy/red or pink/back color combinations in one of 4 sizes (XXS, XS, S, & M). Pamper your pooch by outfitting her in this cute ensemble before your next walk. It's totally cute and available for a great price: only $12.97!

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