Thursday, May 5, 2011

May's Most-Wanted Aquarium Products

API RENA FilStar Canister Filter
The bypass-free 3-stage filtration system inside every RENA canister filter produces pristine water conditions in both fresh and saltwater aquarium systems. The adjustable, modular inlet/outlet system adjusts to fit even the deepest aquariums. High-capacity baskets hold massive amounts of filter media. $124.77 to $229.99 each.

Prodibio BioClean Fresh
The bacteria in this powerful supplement cleans freshwater aquariums by biologically digesting waste. Each bacterial strain completes the work started by another. Your purified water will have less nitrates and phosphates thereby thwarting algae growth. 6 or 12 vial boxes available. $20.87 to $30.07 per box.

Freshwater Gravel & Substrate
Choosing the right substrate for your aquarium system is paramount to success. Our carefully selected collection of freshwater substrates includes various grain sizes and colors to help you create a natural looking underwater environment that fosters healthy water conditions. From $1.97.

API Test Kits
Stability is a major key to success in an aquarium. Regularly testing your water parameters with API’s accurate and easy-to-use test kits is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your tank conditions remain balanced. From $3.97.

Freshwater Additives & Supplements
Aquatic organisms constantly utilize elements in the water that surrounds them. In the wild, these elements are naturally replenished. In aquariums, they are replaced by performing water changes and dosing chemicals. Our comprehensive line of additives helps you to fill in for Mother Nature. From $1.97.

JBJ Aquariums
JBJ tanks range from 3 to 28 gallons and boast 3-stage filters, rounded glass corners and powerful lights. An aquarium is a great conversation starter and the striking, contemporary designs from JBJ will surely compliment the décor of your home or office. From $56.17.


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