Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Most-Wanted Reptile Products - March 2011

Assorted Bowls & Crocks
Ergonomically-shaped water dishes grant geckos, turtles and other small reptiles and amphibians easy access to food or water. These natural looking bowls are virtually indestructible and have non-porous surfaces that don’t harbor bacteria. Clean with mild soap and water.

Zoo Med Laboratories Terrarium Decor
Adorn your terrarium with natural woods, rocklike basking platforms, flexible climbing vines and replica plants to create a natural-looking environment for your pet. Artificial caves, dens and foliage add color and create cool hiding spots.

Fluker’s Cricket Quencher
Feeder crickets can drown and contaminate water in a bowl. Fluker’s solves this dilemma with their Cricket Quencher gel: just drop a gelatinous cube into your terrarium for a clean, safe water source. Packed with calcium for “gut-loading” insects.

Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Food
Veterinarian formulated and fortified with vitamins and minerals, Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Foods are so packed with nutrition that no additional food supplements are required. Used and endorsed by major breeders and zoos around the world.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrariums
Add a small piece of nature and tranquility to your home or office. A snap closing front door allows easy access for feeding and maintenance. The stainless steel screen top will not corrode and accommodates an array of light fixtures.

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