Monday, March 7, 2011

March's Most-Wanted Small Animal Products

Kaytee Nutritionally Fortified Foods
Kaytee hamster and gerbil foods are packed with a fortified mix of healthful whole grains, high fiber hay, fruits and vegetables. They contain essential nutrients that build strong immune systems, control tartar, produce shiny coats and aid digestion. $3.99 to $52.99

Assorted Hamster Balls
Hamster balls are ideal for free range activity. Watch your furry friend roam your home without the risk of getting lost under furniture. Hamster balls are also great for holding pets while you clean their cage. All models are shatter-resistant and well-ventilated. $2.97 to $16.97

Super Pet Exercise Wheels
Help your small animal fulfill its New Year’s resolution to work out more by furnishing their cage with an exercise wheel from Super Pet. These safe, solid and quiet wheels easily clip to wire cages or stand freely on their own. $2.97 to $16.97

CareFresh Pet Litter Bedding
CareFresh bedding is safe for hamsters, rodents, rabbits, birds and even reptiles. The extra long, soft fibers protect sensitive skin and are perfect for burrowing. It keeps small animal habitats virtually odor-free and is available in an assortment of fun colors. $5.99 to $21.99

CritterTrail ONE Cage
CritterTrail cages are wildly innovative small animal habitats full of activity-driven amenities. The ONE includes a water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel, climbing tube and petting zone. The cage is extremely easy to clean, well-ventilated and expandable in six locations. $27.47

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