Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March's Most Popular Bird Products

Assorted Bird Food
We sell more than 200 varieties of pet and wild bird food from trusted brands like 8 in 1, Kaytee and VitaKraft. Distinct environmental nutrients are blended into each gourmet mix of tantalizing seeds, wholesome nuts, tasty fruits, and garden fresh vegetables.

Assorted Cuttlebones
Cuttlebones are calcium-rich dietary supplements for pet birds. Lightweight, chalky cuttlebones contain iron and other trace elements that are beneficial to bird health. They also promote jaw exercise and wear down beaks to keep them trimmed.

Assorted Bird Nests
We carry an assortment of bird nests and nesting materials fashioned from all-natural fibers and materials. Nests help birds, especially small birds, feel safe inside their cages. They also encourage courtship and breeding behavior.

Assorted Wood Chew & Rope Toys
Birds are intelligent animals that require stimuli to be content while caged. Chew and rope toys are ideal because they allow birds to interact with them in multiple ways. Encourage natural, playful behavior with toys that move, make noise and taste great!

Health Care, Supplements & Nutrition
From preventative care, like vitamins and supplements, to urgent care, like first-aid and medications, you can count on us to have the health care products you need to treat your feathered friend when illness or injury occurs.

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