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Thursday, January 20, 2011

February's Most-Wanted Cat Products

Petmate Ultra Bubbler Watering System
The natural sound of bubbling water not only stimulates your cat to drink, it also oxygenates the water for a fresher, cleaner taste. No filter required! Reservoir holds 1.5 gallons. An AC power cord is included to generate bubbles.

Lazy Pet Puffy Kitty Nest
Birds aren’t the only animals that like to nest. Treat your cat to the lap of luxury with this cushy, sheepskin-lined bed. The exterior features a charming floral print and the reversible interior pad features the same attractive design. Machine washable.

Van Ness Products CP4 Cat Pan
The snap-on frame is angled inward to prevent litter from spilling outside the pan. Plastic liners lock in place for additional security. Built-in hand grips make carrying and cleaning easy. The CP4 is also stain and odor-resistant.

Spot Ceramic Cat Dish
Some cat breeds demand a more sophisticated cat dish. If your fancy feline deserves a taste of the finer things in life, this handsome dish may be just what you’re looking for. Debossed paw prints create a one-of-a-kind look.

8 In 1 Pet Products Disney Bolt Catnip Cruncheez
Two great tastes in one! These tasty tidbits feature fun shapes and the scrumptious flavor of real chicken combined with irresistible catnip. Inspired by the Disney cartoon Bolt, these scrumptious snacks are truly the cat’s meow.

8 in 1 Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip
Rub a pinch of Kookamunga Catnip between your fingers to release an irresistible aroma cats go krazee for! Sprinkle on toys, scratchers or bedding. This 100% all-natural blend of choice leaves and tops is specially processed to preserve freshness.

Votoy Kitty Kraze Fresh Grass
Outdoor cats eat grass to aid digestion. Now your indoor cat can, too! The rye and barley seed blend of Kitty Kraze Fresh Grass will literally grow overnight. Just pop open the container, add water and voilĂ ! Instant indoor garden.

Cat Litter Scoopers
It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Keep clean by using one of the many unique cat litter scoopers we carry. Most have holes to sift through litter and scoop up waste. Unused litter stays in the box and you stay clean.

QuickBath Cleansing Wipes
Wipe your cat from head to tail to safely remove dirt, debris, dander and saliva. QuickBath Wipes condition your cat’s coat and skin using Aloe Vera and Vitamins A and E. Ingredients are alcohol-free, pH balanced and safe to ingest.

Miller Forge Self-Cleaning Pinbrush
The fine, soft pad easily removes hair and is gentle on your cat’s skin. With the touch of a button, the pins on the brush retract, the hair falls away and the pad can be wiped clean.

Trixie Pet Products Cushy Cave Minou
After a long day catching critters, batting balls and scratching sofas, your hard-working cat just needs a quiet place to chill out and recharge. The plush, furry-brimmed Minou from Trixie is the perfect hideout. To the cat cave!

Trixie Manresa Cat Tree
Bring out your cat’s sense of adventure with this thrilling tree house from Trixie. Your cat will have a hair-raising good time crawling through tunnels, scratching sisal-wrapped posts and watching over the house from multi-level platforms.

Ethical Pet Products Wands
Recommended for catching catfish, these fun, flexible wands feature an assortment of irresistible toys that dangle from a string like fish bait. The toys also detach for solo play. Perfect for mischievous cat owners who like to tease their pet!

Ethical LED Motion Activated Ball
Let there be light. Preferably rainbow-colored LED light encased inside a plastic cat toy. This awesome light-up ball is ideal for nighttime play. The motion-activated toy cycles through the colors of the rainbow while your cat plays. Includes on/off switch.

Ethical Pet Products Miami Mice Twin Pack
Miami Vice is a quintessential 80s cop show. Miami Mice are quintessential cat toys at home in any decade. This fun, fuzzy two-pack is tailor-made for a classic game of cat and mouse. No obnoxious pastel coloring, either.

Petstages Fantasy Fish Bowl
Go fish! This tubular plastic bowl has a track inside with a lightweight ball cats can bat around. While the ball is removable, the real fun is in watching your cat relentlessly try to “fish” the ball out. 360° of fun!

Monday, January 3, 2011

January's Most-Wanted Dog Products

Extreme Kong
The snowman-shaped Extreme Kong satisfies even the most tenacious chewers. Police K-9 units, military and professional trainers alike rely on Extreme Kong for both obedience training and play. Place a treat inside the toy to initiate your next play session.

JW Pet Tough by Nature Tanzanian Mountain Ball
Tough as nails Tanzanian Mountain Balls have deep ridges your dog can sink its teeth into for chewing, chomping and gnawing. Mountain Balls resist wear and tear and are perfect for all-purpose play. Two sizes to choose from.

Spot Stainless Steel Double Diner
Place the stylish Double Diner in your kitchen to compliment your handsome stainless steel refrigerator. The hygienic, heavy-duty rust and tip proof 1-pint dishes are 100% dishwasher safe. The chrome-plated frame has sturdy, non-skid feet to prevent spilling.

JW Pet Tough by Nature CyberBones
CyberBones are infused with vanilla extract for a unique flavor dog’s savor. Dogs can actually bite into the all-natural rubber texture to exercise their gums. CyberBones are washable, flexible, fade-resistant and available in small, medium and jumbo sizes.

Extreme Kong Goodie Bone
Bone-shaped chew designed to stand up to jaws of steel. Made from the same super-sturdy, puncture-resistant, non-toxic rubber as the black Extreme Kong, it's the perfect toy for heavy chewers. Stuff the holes with snacks for an irresistible toy/treat combo!

Nylabone Souper
You may not love liver, but your dog sure will. Nylabones have baked in flavor particles for a long-lasting liver flavor dog’s love. Sturdy Souper bones are made from non-toxic injection-molded nylon and are specially designed for strong chewers.

Kong Wubba
Wubbas are fun, interactive toss-and-tug toys renowned for their durability. Reinforced nylon fabric covers two balls—a tennis ball on top, squeaker ball underneath. Your dog will love shaking the Wubba and flapping its tails back-and-fourth.

Assorted Dog Collars
While dog collars are primarily used for animal identification, they also double as fashion accessories. Different colors, patterns and materials help distinguish the gender and personality of your pet. Visit our website to browse more than 120 unique collars!

Flexi USA Retractable Dog Leashes/Leads
Retractable dog leashes are extremely popular because they are more comfortable for both dog and owner. Flexi USA leads feature 16-foot retractable leashes, soft grip handles, patented one-handed braking systems and chrome-plated snap hooks with a high-quality leather trim.

Mammoth TireBiter
TireBiters are made real tire tough for heavy-duty chomping and play. The patented two-ply nylon formula actually flosses dog’s teeth while they chew. TireBiters are non-toxic and feature paw prints in the tire tread. Roll, toss, floss!

Petmate Luxury Quilted Bed
Petmate’s luxurious quilted bed provides optimal comfort for joints and muscles. It is stuffed with a blend of high-loft poly-fill and cedar chips, which act as natural flea, tick and insect repellents. The removable zippered pillowcase is machine washable.

Greenies Healthy Treats
Dogs love the taste of Greenies. Each mouthwatering treat is good for them, too! Designed for fresh breath, clean teeth and proven to fight gingivitis and periodontal disease. Greenies are packed in protein and low in fat.