Monday, November 15, 2010

Best-Selling Pet Products - November 2010

Classic Products Plastic Basket Dog Muzzles
Classic Pet Products Plastic Basket Muzzle is light tan in color and durable for any size dog. Each Plastic Basket Muzzle comes with nylon straps to secure muzzle in place and has a padded ridge that goes across the dog's nose for comfort. To determine the size your dog needs: measure from between the dog's eyes to the tip of the nose. The second measurement is from the dog's chin to the back of the jaw. Many sizes available, $6.49 to $9.99 each.

Company Of Animals Pet Corrector
Guaranteed to get a dog’s attention in a humane and safe way by emitting an inert gas (like fresh air) which mimics this hiss sound to interrupt undesirable behavior. Once the dog’s undesirable behavior has been interrupted, a correction can be given and the dog’s behavior corrected. FREE training guide included with every can. Snakes, insects and birds (such as geese) use a hiss sound to drive off predators and domesticated animals have a sensitivity to this sound. Use to curb barking, jumping, stealing food and more! $8.49 to $19.99 each; holster for 50ml can only $5.99.

Joes Juice Aiptasia Eliminator
Inexpensive reef-safe solution to ridding your aquarium of pesky aiptasia and majano anemones. Simply feed the problem anemone a small amount of Joes Juice and watch the results. Within minutes the anemone will disappear... for good! Specially formulated solution does not have to be injected and it will not harm delicate coral or invertebrate. Can be administered with aquarium lights on or off since anemones do not retract when they sense Joes Juice. Includes plastic flow control tip to reduce spillage and improve feeding accuracy. No need to siphon anemone or solution out afterward, either. Anemones will be one gone in minutes, not hours! Buy Joes Juice today for only $6.99 (not available in California).

Carefresh Pet Litter Bedding Ultra
A distinctive bedding that helps your pets look their best! Take the drab out of your pet's cage with Carefresh Ultra. It's bright, white color creates a dazzling, fun-filled space that both you and your animal will love. And because it has all of the odor-controlling benefits of the original Carefresh Pet Bedding, you can count on your pet having the cleanest, safest, most attractive home around! It's ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Reptiles, Skunks and other exotic pets. Contains no pine or cedar oils. Superior odor control stops ammonia formation up to two times longer than traditional bedding. Powerful absorbency allows bedding to absorb up to three times its weight in liquid without falling apart, packing, or becoming mushy. Three sizes to choose from, $7.99 to $18.49 each.

Coastal Pet Size Right Adjustable Nylon Dog Harnesses
Coastal Pet Products introduces the new Size Right Harness. This completely adjustable, figure-8 harness allows the neck and girth to be perfectly sized. A comfort fit pad with swivel ring allows the dog to move freely without the lead tangling under the legs. Offered in four sizes and the most popular colors, Coastal's Size Right harness is simple to use. Just place it over the dog's head and snap the buckle. Safe and comfortable, the Size Right is unconditionally guaranteed. Buy now for as low as $7.07.

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