Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New this Week, 8/3/10

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Dual-purpose natural looking "wood" perch helps keep your pet bird's beak and nails trimmed and healthy. Choose between small split-style or a larger, spiral/corkscrew-shaped design. Both will beautifully accent your bird cage's decor and provide your fine feathered friend with hours of activity and snacking.

JW Petville Habitat Plaza
The plaza is a 2-level pet's paradise! Jam-packed with fun features. First-story play area, pop-ups, petting pod, stay-fit exercise wheel, durable food dish, wrap-around wire wall, lookout, modular, add-a-feature design and the dwarf hamster tube specially made for extra small pets.

JW Petville Habitat Starter Home
The perfect first home for your pet. Easy to unlock and clean. Hide and play pop-ups. Simulates natural environment. Modular design makes assembly a snap, no tools required! Durable construction stands up to serious playtime. For hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice and gerbils.

Trixie Sisal Corner Guard Post
With this sisal scratching post for corners you offer your cat two places where it can sharpen its claws inside the house. It will save your furniture and walls.Sisal helps to remove the rough surface of the cat's claws and helps to prevent ingrown claws. It comes in beige with each panel measuring 19.5 x 9.25 in.

Trixie Sisal Wave Scratcher
In order to stop your cat from scratching on wallpapers or furniture, it is necessary to offer it special scratching furniture. Sisal is a natural fiber, which helps your cat to take care of its claws. The sisal is inlaid into the plush wave, creating this comfortable and entertaining cat furniture. It comes in brown and measures 19.5 x 11.25 x 7 in.

D-D Giesemann Powerchrome Aquapink T5 High Output Fluorescent Lamp
Our latest innovation, the AQUA-PINK T-5 tube is specially designed for marine use. It brings out the blue, violet and red colours in your SPS and fish whilst enhancing coral growth. We recommend this tube to be used in conjunction with our other POWERCHROME T-5 bulbs for marine aquariums. Hard corals increase coloration intensively, especially pink, purple and red.


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    Great Article!!. Thanks for sharing that, I learned a lot from it!

 By the way, which would you recommend, sisal or carpeted scratching material? It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers and I would love to know what you might think of it. Also.... I have written an in depth resource for buying Cat Furniture and I would love it you could share it with your readers or let me know what you think. Check it out here! (http://cattree.uk/cat-scratching-tree-furniture-buyers-guide/)


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