Monday, June 7, 2010

New this Week, 6/7/10

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Tetra Repto Filter 125GPH
Efficient filtration for larger terrariums up to 55 gallons. Keeps water clear and removes odors. Has a lid to keep reptiles and amphibians out 125 GPH UL approved pump. Only $24.99.

Precision Pet Products Cat Eye Modular Unit
Cat owners know they love to play hide-and-seek,investigate and snoop. The Cat Eye Bed provides cats with the privacy,comfort and entertainment that they crave in one compact setup. Plus... the natural sisal scratching surface deters cats from clawing furniture. Dimensions: 24"x24"x15". Only $44.99.

Precision Pet Products Cat Eye Bed Deluxe Sleeper
Made of natural terry/sheepskin, this deluxe sleeper will keep your pet comfortable for hours on end. The Cat Eye Bed Deluxe Sleeper serves as a replacement bed for the Cat Eye Bed also made by Precision Pet Products; however, it may also be used separately. Only $12.99.

Aqueon Pro Heater
Pro Heaters are precision calibrated aquarium heaters that are fully submersible. Power Monitor light (Green – Heating ; Red – Aquarium at set temperature). Shatterproof and nearly indestructible. Electronic thermostat for safety and accurate temperature settings. For freshwaster or marine aquarium settings. Available in 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 Watts. Only $27.99 to $33.99 each.

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