Monday, January 5, 2009

New this Week, 1/5/09

Doogie's Litter Kwitter The Original Cat Toilet Training System
Litter Kwitter will gradually teach nearly any cat to perch on the toilet seat to…you know…do their business directly into the bowl. All the parents have to do, then, is flush and Voila! No mess, no smell, no yucky clean up required.

Litter Kwitter starts next to the toilet with a seat device and a red plastic disk full of litter so your cat knows what it is & where to go to use it.

Then you put it on the porcelain rim of the toilet, so your cat learns to hop up.

Once your cat gets the idea that the toilet is where the action is, you can move to the amber disk. It has a hole in the middle and room for some litter around the edges so that your cat can use it but also starts to learn how to perch on the edge of the seat itself.

It doesn’t usually take too long to get the hang of this so then it’s time to use the green disk. It has a bigger hole so that your cat can balance on the seat and go, knowing that everything will end up in the toilet. Litter Kwitter comes with a universal base plate (a special kind of toilet seat that fits all standard toilets), the three training disks (red, amber and green), a comprehensive instruction booklet plus a 30-minute DVD with step-by-step training directions you can see.

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